Baby Blackbird's First Steps

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

We’re making it quick and convenient for our friends and neighbors to recycle Plastic Film in Somerville and beyond! Equipped with the first of our receptacles for Residential & Commercial Pick-Up, Blackbird is hitting the (chilly) streets this week to set out in our first, fledgling steps of our Mission: To Help Limit Plastic Film Waste & Educate through Action!

We've collected a literal boat load of previously used 5-Gallon Buckets from a local food vendor to drop at homes and local businesses for a Monthly Subscription Package. Each month, or if you're filling it sooner than that- we'll collect it, and replace it with another clean receptacle. We'll then take allll of that Plastic Film to one of three Recycling Facilities in MA that processes such material.

Simply put- We want to help you help us save the world.

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